Moving large groups of people anywhere is a challenge. When destinations are often smaller centres, as hosts of sporting events often are, that challenge can become an obstacle without proper planning. Boulevard has excelled in Team Travel by facing these kinds of challenges head on.

Team Travel

Canada’s Top Sports Travel Agency. The Leader in Team Travel.

As the largest sports agency in Canada, Boulevard Travel is the leader in sports team travel management.   We are proud to manage the travel for 12 of the 50 high performance sports federations at both the provincial and national level in Canada, including Gymnastics Canada, Baseball Canada, Tennis Canada, Athletics Canada and WaterPolo Canada to name a few.

Our Clients

Water Polo Canada Gymnastics Canada Tennis Canada

Baseball Canada Athletics Canada

We take a proactive approach with all of our sporting clients by working with airlines and hotels to ensure that the transportation and accommodation capacity is available at the best price possible.  We work with our clients to ensure that travel is booked early enough to see travel cost savings of up to 30%.

We know the ins and outs of group travel, both nationally and internationally, and use this knowledge to ensure that teams arrive at their destination ready to complete.

Talk to an agent at (403) 237-6233 or email to find out how Boulevard can help your team travel with success.

Air Canada Circle of Excellence

As the only Team Travel member of Air Canada’s Circle of Excellence, our relationships enable us to negotiate at the highest levels to get your team to any national or international destination.

Gymnastics Canada Testimonial

Gymnastics Canada has been collaborating with Boulevard Travel since 2003.
Over the years we have developed an excellent relationship with Boulevard Travel built on trust, confidence, respect and quality services for our members. They understand our needs and they've been able to handle all our sport specific requirements.

Their professional and welcoming approach to business is greatly appreciated and makes all the difference. Great partners to work with!

Jean-Paul Caron
President/CEO, Président-directeur général

Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique
1900 promenade City Park Drive, Suite 120 Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 1A3